Our Journey

In 2012, Alberta Distance Learning Centre partnered with GoForth Institute, developers of Canada's leading small business education, and award-winning app developers Robots and Pencils, to create Canada's first online, mobile entrepreneurship course for high school.

Discover Entrepreneurship! is a five-credit course for high school, combining 21st century learning practices and small business education with an innovative mobile technology platform. The course is built on fully-accredited entrepreneurship curriculum, and a proprietary app engine and content management system. Progress is monitored in-app through the Teacher Dashboard. Students immediately apply their new skills within increasingly complex and strategic simulations. They're motivated to learn through mini-games, unlockable achievements, and social features.

The success of the app is clear - 78% of pilot students who completed the course said they would "seriously consider" an entrepreneurial path in the future. And over 95% of them completed the course, compared to 50% online course completion on average.

In creating this app, the heads of GoForth Institute and Robots and Pencils founded GoRobos Inc. Since then, we've built an app engine and authoring software that makes it fast and efficient to deploy new apps with game and course content. We've developed partnerships with high schools and post-secondary institutions across Canada and in the United States, working with forward-thinking educators who understand that today's students need courses tailored to the way they learn. These schools offer our app-based courses in subjects like entrepreneurship, mathematics, and college orientation.

GoRobos was founded on a love for learning, and the belief that technology can improve lives. And exit surveys of over 1,000 pilot students show the benefits of mobile app-based learning: improved levels of comprehension and achievement, course completion, engagement, subject retention, and progressive learning.

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