GoRobos builds engaging, content-rich apps for high school and higher education. Entrepreneurship, math, sciences, tourism - you name it. We can create a feature-filled app for that your students will love.

The education landscape is changing. Twenty-first-century students are mobile - in fact, 86% of students say tablet devices help them study more efficiently, and 76% say tablets help them perform better academically.

There's a reason why some youth spend 10,000 hours playing video games before the age of 21. It's called "blissful productivity." We're optimized to do meaningful and rewarding work. Make education meaningful and rewarding and students will work hard to accomplish tasks, goals and objectives.

Do you want your curricular content turned into an app? Do you want us to create an educational app for you? Get in touch today!

Our Mission

To improve the rates of student engagement through effective, innovative, and engaging mobile app-based education.

Our Vision

To lead the North American delivery of innovative, comprehensive, engaging education, and to offer passionate support for educators in every corner of our world.

Our Core Values


We believe knowledge is power. The more students have fun at school, the more they will learn.


Together, we advance education and help students and educators alike enrich their lives.


We deliver education excellence through leadership in research - we develop app-based courses that are the most pedagogically-sound on the market.


We are dedicated to supporting and promoting education in Canada as well as in developing countries.

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