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A First in Canada!

Education Meets Gaming

Find out how Alberta Distance Learning Centre and GoRobos' founding companies came together to make history.

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We Build Apps for Education

GoRobos, created by the founders of GoForth Institute and Robots and Pencils, builds game-based, content-rich apps in entrepreneurship, mathematics, sciences - and more. Find out who we are.


A World First for High School

Discover Entrepreneurship! is the first online fully-accredited high school course delivered through a video game experience - for iPad, phone and computer. It's fun, engaging, and backed by over a year of research.

Universal Design for Learning Means True Accessibility

GoRobos designs educational content in paper, e-book, audio, HTML5 web-based, HD video and iOS app-based formats. iOS formats use the latest in game mechanics, iPad accelerometer controls, and built-in student and teacher progress dashboards.

Want Your Own App?

GoRobos builds inspiring, engaging mobile apps for high school, blending world-class content with gaming and simulation. Let us help you turn your curriculum into an educational app that'll help your students love learning. Get in touch today.

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